Ensuring A Superior Agency Channel

Business Goals

  • Delight customers and agents with a streamlined customer experience
  • Anticipate customer needs and move from “reactive” to proactive”
  • Improve agent loyalty
  • Attract new agents
  • Increase upsell and cross-sell


  • Launched a new agent portal within 15 months
  • Rolled out to 135,000 agents
  • Enhanced experience for agents
  • Improved quality of service for customers

 We’re redefining how we interact with our agents and how agents interact with their customers, the insured 

CEO, International Insurance Company

Challenge And Vision

Empower agents and drive new business in a competitive market that is highly focused on the independent agent.

Insurers compete not only for the client’s business but also for the relationship and business of the agent.  To remain at the competitive forefront, this international insurance carrier decided it needed to deploy a state-of-the-art agency portal that optimized both the agent and client experience.  This included giving the agents tools to help them sell effectively with next-best-action recommendations, insight into clients’ accounts and requirements, and an effective toolset to help them be the most effective and business friendly insurer in Japan.  By helping the agent to be successful, the insurer will generate long term, profitable relationships with its extensive agency base.

How Square BPM Helped

Redefined processes and revolutionized the business.

In order to deliver a truly exceptional customer experience, the insurer sought to fundamentally re-examine and revolutionize how it supports agents and enables their success.  Becoming a successful agent takes time to learn the profession.  Sales processes can be complex, and a significant amount of data is required to underwrite risk correctly.  Simultaneously, the insurer has empowered those agents to become more responsive to the end-customer through optimized sales processes that facilitate cross-sell and upsell based on the customer’s unique situation.

The Result

Enhanced experience for agents and improved quality of service for customers while improving margins. 

The insurer’s agent solution was built to be intuitive and easy to use in order to reduce the agent’s time and effort in working with clients and generating new sales.  This agent solution extends this level of support to managers, who have insight into agents’ books of business, enabling them to point out opportunities to agents and help them develop into successful producers.  The insurer developed the solution on Pega’s Sales Automation platform for Insurance application.  The collaborative process engaged agents and business stakeholders to identify core requirements.  The result was a solution that addressed all business needs and was completed in an accelerated timeline. 


Personalized engagement, satisfied agents, and customers.

Working with Pega, the insurer has transformed the interaction between a network of independent agents and end-customers from a transactional exchange to a personalized, responsive, customer-focused experience.  By simplifying the agent desktop, and providing easy access to critical customer sales information, the insurer has been able to drive preference and strengthen the relationship with its distribution channel of independent agents.

Results achieved by a global insurance leader, with over 160 branches, 12,000 employees, and a network of over 135,000 professional independent insurance agents.