Rapidly develop high value applications, demonstrate real ROI, and solve today’s challenges effectively and efficiently.  Square BPM’s Quick Start will deliver applications for a fixed fee in 8, 12 or 16 week packages:

Quick Start: Microjourney

Deliver customer Microjourney using Pega’s Low-Code platform in as little as 60 days

Microjourney Examples:

Service Inquiry 



Application Review

Charge Dispute

60 days


Quick Start: Robotic Automation

Automate repetitive work, speed up processes, eliminate errors and get work done faster.  Deploy either attended(RDA) or unattended(RPA) bot within 60 days.

Robotic Automation Examples:

Start the Day

Account Reconciliation

Customer Investigation

Document Processing

Call Center Operations

60 days


Quick Start: Virtual Email Agent

Deploy a complete email automation using Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Natural Language Processing(NLP).  Triage emails, use dynamic case management to drive the inquiry to resolution.

Large Volume of Emails

Natual Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence

Case Management

40 days


Quick Start: Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Use natural language processing(NLP) and deliver chatbot assistant. Get real work done using conversational UI.


Self Service

Natural Language Processing

Case Management

Omni Channel

80 days


Quick Start: Pega DevOps

Establish CI/CD pipeline, automate unit and scenario testing using Pega Deployment Manager.

Code Repository

Pega Deployment Manager

CI/CD Pipeline

Automated Testing

Guardrails Enforcement

60 days