Your application and environment is continuously changing during and after the implementation.  It is vital for application performance management best practices to maintain optimal health and to meet business expectations. Failing to address performance issues early on result in costly and time consuming penalties that may even require redesign of the application.

Square BPM’s platform performance services are designed to minimize impacts to a client’s bottom line.  We don’t just review application code – we cover the full stack application, including the database server, interface calls, and data caching techniques.

Performance Review

This service offers a detailed review of your application: • Application Performance
• Guardrails Compliance
• Data Retrieval and Caching
• Interface Calls and Optimization
• Application Server Review and Optimization
• Database Server Review
• Monitoring and Logging Review

Performance Testing

For clients who either do not have in-house expertise to conduct a performance test or looking for additional help in their performance execution and analysis, Square BPM will apply a 5 phase approach:
Evaluate – An analysis of the infrastructure setup and capacity as per business needs will be initiated.
Plan Determine data load requirements. We will map out a test plan, determine expected volumes, peak user loads and primary flows.
Record – We will record test scripts and parameterize for realistic scenarios, using appropriate load test data with proper spread.
Execute – Test scripts will be run with a focus on performance, endurance and load testing.
Assess – We assess results of test runs and identify issues with application, infrastructure or interfaces, with feedback for next steps.

Performance Triage

Performance is often overlooked and it is in production where issues are frequently seen and uncovered. Square BPM has specialists in the team who have helped clients to isolate, analyze and solution to quickly recover from production slowness issues.
This service is designed to triage performance issues. As part of this service we will:
Assess – We assess the issue by compiling symptoms, reviewing logs and reproducing the issues with business.
Identify – We look at application server, database, network and pega logs using Pega and non-Pega tools to identify the root cause.
Recommend – We provide tactical and strategic recommendations for review with client.
Implement (optional) – Based on need, we help with the implementation of the fix and verify across dev, test and production environments.